do you feel

generally run-down, tired, listless, unhappy or depressed?

do you experience

have you experienced

are you achieving your full potential

so you feel you are functioning quite well, but want to have that extra edge in your personal or professional life

have you experienced any of these issues? if so I may be able to help

long-term psychotherapy

(13 sessions+) – effective for a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of your life

shorter term counselling or coaching

(6-13 sessions) - effective for getting through a difficult or challenging period in your life

brief therapeutic interventions

(1-5 sessions) – making dramatic changes in anxiety levels, relieving trauma symptoms, revisiting safely and quickly early moments in life


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flashbacks and nightmares

Flashbacks are a symptom of an earlier traumatic incident that suddenly erupts into your mind, with almost as much power as the original incident. The images are extraordinarily vivid; the feelings overwhelming. Flashbacks can be treated quickly and effectively after assessment with a few sessions of EMDR. Similarly, nightmares are usually powerful re-workings of old traumas. Therapy will help you understand and process these old experiences, so they no longer have the same grip over you.

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Seizures can be the result of an organic problem with the brain (epilepsy), or they can be traumatic in origin. Epileptic seizures are usually treated with drugs, but non-epileptic seizures are best treated with trauma-focussed psychotherapy, as they end to arise from profound traumas (such as loss of consciousness during a car accident). So my training and experience make me capable of dealing with these symptoms through psychotherapy.

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Depression is a normal symptom of life – provided that it doesn’t dominate it! If you lost something, or someone, it is perfectly normal to feel depressed for a period. But if you cannot shake it off, then it sounds like the other normal processes of numbness, anger, grieving, mourning are blocked or stuck. A few sessions can help you get in touch with these other feelings, and set you free from your depression.

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Like flashbacks, nightmares can appear very frightening – but they are important signals that there are things from your past that are not being dealt with.

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panic attacks

That overwhelming feeling: that you’ve got to get out of this place. Panic attacks are frequently the result of angry unconscious feelings about something else which are not allowed to come out. For example, you may have panic attacks when getting on the train to go to work. The real fear may well be not the train, but what is at the end of the train journey: an angry boss, for example. Therapy can help you understand and acknowledge where these feelings are coming from.

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Again, anxiety is a normal human response to stressful situations. But some people are much more anxious than others. Why is this so? The answer invariably lies in your own history

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Everyone feels angry at many points in our life. But is it proportionate? Are your family and friends constantly telling you that you are over-reacting? Maybe you are one of those that simply bottles it up! Why have you got to be like that. The appropriate use of anger allows us to be assertive, passionate and creative. Therapy can help you turn your anger 9or lack of it!) into something useful for you.

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sexual or physical abuse

Sexual and physical abuse is extraordinarily widespread, and the loss of autonomy that the victim experiences, alongside the feeling that their sexuality is powerful and destructive, can have devastating effects on people’s lives. There are aspects of working with this that can be dealt with effectively with the use of EMDR. Usually, this is accompanied by sessions where you simply explore feelings.

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low self-confidence

This is often associated with under-achievement in all areas of life, and generally indicates disrupted or poor-quality attachments in earlier life.

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relationship breakdown

Are you able to love and to work?

Being able to love, and to be loved by, another human being, and gaining fulfilment through collaborating with other people at work are key aspects of adult human health. If you seem never to be satisfied in either of these two key areas, psychotherapy gives you insight into why you are not succeeding.

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traumatic incidents

Traumatic events, such as an accident or illness, loss of a loved one (be it human or pet), loss of a home, or a job may have precipitated you into crisis. Possibly your traumas were long ago. Perhaps they were of a sexual or physical nature. Maybe they were more insidious: emotional traumas such as bullying never show any physical scars. Psychotherapy helps you process the locked-up feelings and return to some kind of normal functioning.

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dissociative episodes

Do you ever experience periods in your life where you don’t know where you have been, or who you have been with? We all dissociate quite naturally, but where situations of prolonged danger have occurred, we can have dissociative episodes which protect us from the reality of the trauma. Later these episodes extend into our everyday life.